Organs donation

I’ve been listening to Radiolab podcasts for years and I love them! I always find their stories and research interesting and with this episode in particular I felt we can change the world. Maybe sharing this episode will help some people understand how important organ donation is they’ll become donors of their own or a loved one’s organs.

“How a donation leads Sarah and Ross Gray to places we rarely get a chance to see.”

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* Published: 7/16/15 10:52:33 PM

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Fish head


Vocabulari de Nadal

A la página de l’ésAdir: Vocabulari de Nadal

Rice fields in Guinea Conakry

rice fields, originally uploaded by martapiqs.


While I’m stuck in Ireland due to the weather conditions, I started playing around on the Web, something I rarely do anymore. Here’s a photo I uploaded more than five years ago, at my return from Guinea Conakry, where I took part in a language documentation project for the Mani people. Although my job there was to document the Mani language, when I was living with the Mani I tried to suck in their way of life. For instance, I went to the rice fields at different times of the year in order to observe and learn how they grow rice. I really like the colors in this pictures, so I thought I’d share it with you :)

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Laugh a bit, if you didn’t see it when it was published… The technology behind Google’s great results

10 raons per usar programari lliure a l’escola

En suport del programari lliure!

He arribat a aquesta entrada de La mongetera gracies a un Buzz del lliurealbir:

10 raons per usar programari lliure en l’educació

La Mola i St. Quirze

La Mola i St. Quirze, originally uploaded by martapiqs.

I uploaded this picture on Flickr last Fall, just before moving to Ireland. I was trying my dad’s reflex camera in my hometown.

I’m posting it here today because, with the upcoming trip home next weekend, I now miss the place I grew up and my friends a lot!

The shot was brought up to my attention today when I accessed my Flickr account and found a request to use it in Wikipedia.